Visual thinking
by Natasha Sena




Visualise your idea, strategy, project results, future scenario, or any other topic that needs to be understood and communicated.


During the design process, a creative session with the involved stakeholders will clarify all elements of the visual and put everyone on the same page.


At the end, you will have useful images which will strength your content and help you enhance the impact achieved by your work.

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"Het gebruiken van visuals in complexe processen, zoals het uitdenken en kiezen van te bewandelen routes richting een klimaatadaptieve omgeving, hebben  als een grote meerwaarde ervaren."

"De samenwerking met Natasha heb ik als zeer plezierig ervaren. Ze heeft een flexibele houding, is duidelijk in de behoeften die ze heeft en in het managen van verwachtingen.."


(In Dutch or English)

1.the visual boost


1 to 2 hours

Online or Physical


Get to know visual thinking through fast and practical tips and tricks for organising your thoughts and boosting creativity


3.5 hours

Online or Physical


(Re)gain drawing confidence, get to know visual thinking and learn to use its tools.

3. advanced VISUAL THINKING 

3.5 hours

Online or Physical

Learn to draw together with others in order to achieve more and, together, go further!

A short yet strong workshop about visual thinking – what it is, and how it can help you think, organise your thoughts and increase your communication skills. Ideal for companies which would like to organise inspirational workshops and would like to introduce innovative skills to all employees.

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In this training, the team will learn the basics of visual thinking and how to put them into practice. The team will learn to make simple yet highly communicative drawing to integrate in the everyday work. Abstract concepts are broken into concrete examples which are easy to draw! The training is very flexible and your wishes can be surely integrated.

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After mastering the basics of visual thinking and being able to draw for yourself, this training gives a follow up on how to draw with others. Drawing together will help your team to achieve more and get further! At the end of the training, the team should be able to create a strategy or to solve a problem using visual tools.

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"The (Basic Visual Thinking) training helped me in presenting info differently. The trainer (Natasha) was able to convince everyone that it can be done without even being a good 'drawer'. She was inspiring"

"Lots of

'doing it yourself' many new perspectives"

"I've got Ideas for how to communicate with my colleagues more effectively"



Natasha Sena

The Netherlands

+31 634 335 742 

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